With 18 consecutive years in the muay thai world, Kru Tony Valera is undoubtedly one of the east coast's top muay thai instructors. Starting as a student at the Bayside Academy of Martial Arts (B.A.M.A) in Elizabeth, New Jersey; Tony Valera grew from a newcomer to a seasoned athlete and full instructor. Under the tutilage of "Big" Dan Mirgliota (current referee for the UFC) Tony Valera honed his skills and realized his true passion for sharing the gift of muay thai with others. Having developed the love for teaching, Tony valera embarked on a personal mission to absorb as much knowledge as possible. In doing so, he sought out and trained with many Thai legends such as Sakasem Konthawong, Saekson Jan Jira, Kaensack, and Pongsan, where he learned various aspects of traditional Muay Thai. Tony Valera then grew and developed his own take on traditional muay thai and incorporated Western Boxing into his program. Having developed an aggressive style centered around technique over flash, he continued his fight career in order to prove and test his teachings. His constant evolution as both a fighter and coach, led him into the world of Mixed Martial Arts, where he was able to train with many legends including Bas Rutten, Pat Militech, and Fedor. Since then Tony Valera has been recruited to teach at many academies throughout New Jersey, and has jump started many "thai" programs along the way. He has coached many of "todays top athletes" including UFC standouts The Miller Brothers, and Charlie Breneman, as well as Professional Thai fighter Danny Millet.